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in the UK 2022

How much should I spend on a new kitchen?
for most its somewhere between
£16,000, £30,000, £50,000, £75,000+
for some people its an even 10% of the value of their property, some families value a kitchen project in comparison to a new car or a family holiday. Kitchens have come a long way in recent years, incredible innovation and technology has begun making its way into into our homes like never before.


you don't have to
go over the top

Its easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of planning a kitchen, perhaps you have visited a showroom or two - experienced a display that has it all.
Luxury book matched stone worktops from Italy - check
an integrated wine cooler that holds 180 bottles - check
a golden Quooker tap?

Although those things are available to those who desire, less can often be more, and for some households a better allocation of capital to structural home improvements, ie knocking down internal walls, resizing windows or relocating services can make far greater difference to a property than a particularly glamorous worktop or appliance ever could.
It is important to understand what can be achieved in order to budget accordingly.

design tip 
Kitchens don't have to fit wall to wall, wrap around corners or fill entire spaces, sinks don't default under the window - more often than not, a space will look better by opting for increased window sizes and simpler, more modular cabinetry sections.


'Laminate worktops aren't what they used to be' -  see sensiQ

the sum
of all parts 

a typical kitchen project price

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min £6,500


min £4,000




avg £45 pm2


avg £3500

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