More than just kitchens


Hang it up, kick them off and simply find a place for it.

There is rarely space within our narrow hallways for clutter, a tailored solution that services the entranceway is undoubtedly highly advantageous. The adaptability of Schuller kitchens enable designers to explore unexpected areas outside of the kitchen, Schuller manufacture highly convenient and customisable cabinet solutions that specifically address jackets, coats, shoes, school bags, dog leads and any other baggage in hand as you arrive at the door.



The kitchen, in retrospect - has never before played such an important role in British homes, it is not only a meeting point for family and friends, a place where we eat, drink and laugh together, but also a space that speaks to all of the senses. With a broad scope of innovative design elements geared toward functionality, a Schuller kitchen has the capacity to reduce design friction, and enable the seamless overlap between adjoining spaces.


Within Schullers colossal catalogue of unit options and product innovations, there are multiple solutions designed to enable the specification of a pantry into our pre-existing architecture. The 800mm wide cabinet door front as pictured above has a fixed plinth attached to the bottom that when closed, blends without interruption into the furniture.

A very useful room to have

A kitchen pantry discretely keeps your food, utensils and supplies in the background without adversely affecting the homely appearance of your kitchen. Open shelving makes it easy to see all of the contents at a glance, whilst a variety of storage solutions facilitate the stock of preserves, non-perishable food items and the all important plethora of occasional kitchen 'bits' that we often tend to accumulate.


Utility room | housekeeping

Now that our kitchens have opened up to the visibility of our friends and family, the question of what to do with the unsightly of course, requires a relevant and considered solution.
Whether its washing, ironing - or even housing the boiler, Schuller have a cabinet that services your every requirement.


Within an open-plan, matching the material of the kitchen and the neighbouring furniture can create consistency that results in a harmonious transition between two zones. Due to Schullers expansive range of mechanisms & clever lighting integrations, designers are able to specify pieces that genuinely feel like resolved furniture and not simply 'adapted' kitchen cabinetry.